2020 was quite challenging for everyone. We made our way through the pandemic so far, and I hope this post finds all of you healthy. That said, I want to look back at 2020 share some numbers and do a quick a forecast for 2021.

Blog statistics

I am pretty satisfied with my blogging habits in 2020. But I did not publish consistently. I maintained a backlog of topics that I wanted to cover over the year. However, sometimes I struggled finishing articles. English is not my primary language, and creating posts takes more time than it actually would in German. Anyways, let’s have a look at the numbers:

Top Terminal Commands

I use my iTerm daily. Across all commands, I used those 5 commands most often in 2020

  1. git
  2. kubectl
  3. az
  4. docker
  5. la

If you want to find your top terminal commands, check out this command I shared on Twitter a couple of weeks ago:

Personal statistics

  • I visited New York ๐Ÿ—ฝ for the 10th time in February
    • Was an amazing trip. Just me and my oldest daughter ๐Ÿ’•
  • I placed 66 orders on Amazon
    • The cheapest item I bought was A4 Printer Paper - 500 sheets for 4.49 Euros
    • The most expensive item was the Apple Watch Series 6 for 543.87 Euros
  • I completed 57 runs (some on Strava others using Nike Run Club)
    • The shortest distance was 1.48 kilometers recorded in June
    • The longest distance was 12.26 kilometers recorded in January
    • My comfortable pace is currently 5:45 per kilometer
  • Regarding Apple Activity
    • I hit my daily move goal (target 600-750 active calories) 76 times.
    • I wore the Apple Watch only 214 of 365 days
    • Logged 522 kcal/day from activities like running or functional fitness (exclusing all the soccer trainings)
    • Increased cardio fitness - as of today at 44.5 VO2max
  • Regarding weight, I gained almost 5 kilograms since the 1st of January 2020.
    • Unfortunately, I had to deal with several injuries over the year.
    • I struggled a lot during lockdowns. I wasn’t able to focus on sports. Sometimes I felt mentally exhausted, although I know that running helps myself to recover

Goals for 2021

Now that we looked at some numbers from 2020, it is time for a forecast. Across all metrics, I want to establish consistency. So what are my goals for 2021?

Goals for the blog

Consistently publishing new articles is the key to increase reach and page views. That said, I want to

  • publish two posts per month
  • increase the number of page views by 20%
  • top the best performing post from 2020
  • find a sponsor for this blog

Personal goals

Consistency is also a high priority goal for my personal life in 2021. A couple of weeks ago I had a chat with my boss about sports (especially running). He said that my sports activity is binary. Once I started running, I go all in. However, it lasts only for six to eight weeks. And he was right.

So my personal goals for 2021 are:

  • Stay healthy
  • Rebuild my home office in the basement
  • Complete at least two runs per week (sums up to 104 runs) follow me on Strava or let’s compete on Apple Activity
  • Finish a Freeletics training journey (I started a six-week journey on 27th of December 2020)
  • Wear my Apple Watch almost daily
  • Loose ~8 kilograms of body weight and eat fewer sweets
  • Place fewer orders on Amazon, compared to 2020


That was a quick run through 2020 and my goals for 2021. What are your numbers for 2020 and your goals for 2021? Join the thread on Twitter! I would love to read about your achievements and goals.