Last weekend we did our fourth ShareCamp at Microsoft’s German headquarter in Munich (Unterschlei√üheim). The ShareCamp is not a typical conference; it’s a BarCamp, BarCamps typically have no schedule until the conference starts. Every attendee can submit sessions, discussions or Hands-On Workshops.

Therefore it’s great for people who’d never spoken at huge, favorite conferences. The entire audience votes for the session proposals and depending on these votes sessions are moved to bigger or smaller rooms. (More information on BarCamps can be found here

ShareCamp 2013

But let’s come back to our ShareCamp. Early in 2013, we opened the registration, and within almost 2 weeks, the conference was sold out. 200 attendees (excluding the Orga-Team) filled up the registration form. That was just amazing! Another interesting fact is that more than half of the attendees were First-Timers.

ShareCamp 2013 Attendee Picture

At this point we knew that there is still much work to do. We had to organize them

  • welcome party
  • food
  • drinks
  • lanyards
  • shirts
  • social wall
  • conference schedule
  • conference bags
  • sponsors

Moreover, of course, many more. Thankfully Microsoft and Laura from Experts Inside supported us within these tasks, without them the organization had been almost impossible.

Therefore a big THANK YOU to all of them.

The ShareCamp Welcome Party (sponsored by AvePoint and K2) was celebrated on Friday (Yes, the same procedure as every year). On Saturday the ShareCamp started at 9 am (yes way too early :D) 36 Sessions were on our schedule for Saturday. There were many great topics such as

  • SharePoint 2013 Development
  • Workflows
  • Azure
  • Migration
  • Apps
  • Tools
  • Case Studies

On Sunday our schedule offered another 24 Sessions also targeting popular SharePoint related topics.

ShareCamp 2013 - Session Voting

All these great sessions, discussions and the incredible networking was (of course) offered for free. Offering such an excellent conference for free would be impossible without our Sponsors.

Most Sponsors were presenting their products either at their booth or during a technical session, which was great for people that are new to the SharePoint area. I also want to say thank you to the SharePoint community for

  • Publishing over 600 Tweets with the #ShareCamp Hashtag
  • Doing, voting and attending to 60 sessions
  • Publishing more than 280 pictures on Flickr with the #ShareCamp Hashtag
  • Posting numerous statuses on Facebook using the #ShareCamp Hashtag

ShareCamp 2013 - SharePint

Last, but not least I’d like to say Thank to the Orga-Team.