Today I’ve published the next AddOn for ShareCoffee. ShareCoffee.UserProfiles. It’s providing a dedicated wrapper for SharePoint’s UserProfiles API.

By using the new AddOn, you can easily configure REST requests for dealing with SharePoint’s UserProfile REST API from both, SharePoint Hosted and Cloud-Hosted Apps.


You can install the AddOn (which will automatically pull ShareCoffee as a dependency) by using.

  • NuGet


Not all UserProfile methods are currently available as REST endpoint. Currently, SharePoint is offering the following methods which can, of course, be used with ShareCoffee

  • GetMyProperties
  • GetProperties
  • GetUserProfileProperty
  • SetMyProfilePicture


Here is a short sample on how to use ShareCoffee’s UserProfiles AddOn from within an AngularJS App written in CoffeeScript:

window.MyAngularApp.service 'userProfilesService', ['$http', ($http) ->
  loadMyProfile: (onSuccess, onError) ->
      url: ShareCoffee.Url.GetMyProperties
    .success onSuccess
    .error onError
  loadProfilePropertiesForUser: (accountName, onSuccess, onError) ->
    properties = new ShareCoffee.UserProfileProperties(ShareCoffee.Url.GetUserProfileProperty, accountName, 'WorkEmail')
    .success onSuccess
    .error onError

If you’re looking for sample Apps using ShareCoffee and all of its AddOns (Search / UserProfiles) you should check out the updated Samples repository on the GitHub repository.

If you’ll be visiting SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas come to my session #SPC417 and see some ShareCoffee Action 🙂