Because I’m currently writing my first Add-On for ShareCoffee which is going to provide a fluent and easy way to consume SharePoint’s Search Services, I had to dig a little bit deeper into SharePoint Search REST API.

Executing Search requests as a GET request is straight forward, and there is nothing special about them. However, if you hit the URL length limitation of your browser you should consider executing the search query using SharePoint’s PostQuery endpoint. (/_api/search/postQuery).

When making this POST request, it’s essential to provide all! Properties with the correct casing. Internally the request will be serialized into an instance of Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.REST.SearchRequest (see for documentation).

Unfortunately, the current implementation isn’t able to ignore the casing while transforming the REST request into the CLR object. If you provide a wrong casing to any of the properties, you’ll be faced with an error instead of receiving all the suggested results from SharePoint’s search. In the case that you’re not using ShareCoffee and it’s upcoming Search add-on for querying the SharePoint Search you should definitively keep this in mind.