Azure CLI Tips & Tricks is a collection of small, yet powerful things, that will boost your productivity when working with Microsoft Azure CLI.

az find is a useful command for every Azure CLI user. It is the go-to command, if you want to get scenario-based examples for Azure CLI commands. You can provide any command as positional argument to az find, and it will scan the official Azure documentation for examples.

# get samples for top-level commands
az find "az aks"

# get samples for nested commands
az find "az aks update"
az find "az network front-door backend-pool update"

See the following animation, demonstrating az find and its usage:

Azure CLI - az find in Action

You can save some additional keystrokes here. Just skip the second az:

# for the lazy ones :D
az find "aks"
az find "aks update"
# ...

In contrast to browsing the help of every sub-command - by appending --help or -h - az find is more focused! It shows you a bunch of sample commands based on typical day-to-day scenarios.