reveal.js has been around for a while. I saw many people using it for their presentations (for example AC). AC also wrote a great article on how he is organizing his presentations on GitHub using reveal.js.

AC’s idea is cool, but I wanted something more something which is less pain, I don’t want to set up a gh-pages branch on every repo I create for my demos.

Instead, I built a presentation hub using reveal.js and some simple Gulp.js tasks.

The idea is to publish presentations in the same look and feel in no-time. I ended up with some markdown files being generated on the fly by the gulp tasks and replacing simple tokens for any new presentation.

You can see my presentation hub live at

Thorsten’s presentation hub

From a user perspective, it’s straightforward. If I start a new presentation, I’ve to execute

gulp add-presentation --title 'Awesome Topic' --repo 'awesome-topic'

The task itself will generate the new presentation for you and link it on the hub site.

The code is available here


Currently, there is only a placeholder presentation on my presentation hub. 😀