I usually write only stuff related to software development. However, I’ve to share this quick little notes because it can drive you nuts to get OneDrive on the recent iOS release syncing again.

OneNote itself is one of my favorite apps, and I use it every day for personal and professional (shared) note taking. Microsoft did a great job bringing OneNote with an excellent feature-set to all platforms.

As almost every iOS user, I was also looking forward to iOS7 which ships a ton of good stuff I was waiting for. So I decided to update my iPad first. After downloading and installing the update, everything looked, and I was thrilled having the latest and greatest software finally on my device.

However, then I realized that OneNote wasn’t able to sync notebooks from my personal OneDrive (aka SkyDrive). When putting in the Microsoft Account credentials, the login form was cleared, but the modal window didn’t close at all.

After closing all apps running at this time and restarting the iPad, I still ran into the issue. Finally, after a short web search, google came up with the following statement.

  1. Close OneNote
  2. Press the Home button twice to see the preview screen of apps you have open
  3. Locate OneNote and swipe it up to close the app
  4. Delete Login Credentials

From your iOS 7 Home screen go to Settings > OneNote > Reset OneNote and enable Delete Login Credentials.

See the entire conversation thread here on answers.microsoft.com.