I’m just on my way back from ‘Developer Week 2013’, which is — with more than 1000 attendees — one of the biggest german developer conferences.

I did two talks on SharePoint development. Inspecting the entire session catalog, I noticed that these are the only talks focusing SharePoint which was a little bit frustrating but also challenging on the other side.

You can grab the slides from my first talk ‘New SharePoint APIs’ here.

I had a good feeling with this talk because SharePoint’s new APIs are finally standards and therefore (upcoming) SharePoint developers can use their favorite development language or their existing skills and consume data and services from SharePoint without the need of excellent SharePoint API knowledge. The second talk was more a kind of general introduction into SharePoint’s new App Model.

If I had the choice, I’d preferred to do this talk before the API one. However, this decision wasn’t up to me. You can also grab the slides from ‘The new Age of SharePoint Development’ here. I think the talk was also good, but unfortunately, I ran into some certificate errors while executing Auto- and Provider-Hosted Apps from my dev environment (Perhaps some issues with the date/time settings on my env..) which made my last demo fail.

You can grab the sildes here. Overall I (and hopefully my audience too) was delighted with the conference and my talks. As for every conference, it was great to meet some friends and community members again from all over the country.