Last week I was attending Microsoft’s TechEd North America in Houston Texas. Together with Jeremy Thake who has recently moved over to Redmond to work with the Microsoft Office Division (MOD) at Microsoft Corp, we’ve delivered the SharePoint Power Hour. Some of you guys may already know this Session Topic from Build conference.

However, compared Rob Howard’s version from Build 2014, Jeremy and I decided to go for the most recent release of Office 365 API’s which have been shipped last Monday during TechEd Keynote.

It turned out to be a little risky, but at the end, I think we’ve done a great job and gave the audience a pretty good understanding of where we’re moving to and what can be achieved using latest tools and frameworks.

As for all content from TechEd NA, Microsoft did, and all the sessions and keynotes are already available on Chanel9. So you should check them out to get the latest news from Microsoft.