ShareCoffee 0.1.3 is available by now on NuGet and bower. It’s only a small release at this time. Previously I’ve added ShareCoffee.Commons.infect() to ShareCoffee as described here.

With 0.1.3 this method got an optional parameter which is very useful for SharePoint Hosted Apps. If you built a SharePoint Hosted App using a plain HTML or ASPX Page, you’ve also to maintain all a and form tags and ensure that SPHostUrl is part of the QueryString.

So, if you’re building a SharePoint Hosted App, you may use infect in the following way.

var area = document.getElementById('my-app-container');

By providing an element, ShareCoffee will only change a and form tags within the given element. If you don’t do so, ShareCoffee will infect all the a and form tags on the entire page, which isn’t a good idea for all the SharePoint MasterPage plumbing.

If you’re in a Provider-Hosted App, you can still use it the way released with ShareCoffee 0.1.2.


Go, give ShareCoffee a try and tell me what you like and what you don’t like. Feedback is highly welcome and critical to making ShareCoffee even better.