Thorsten Hans

Thorsten Hans

Stories about Azure, Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Computing

  1. Frontend Builds 7 - Conditional Build Tasks

    In the seventh and last part of the "Frontend Build" article series, you'll learn how to create conditional tasks for the Build as a Service (BaaS) system.

  2. Frontend Builds 6 - Configurable builds

    In part five of the series you learned about Build as a Service, this post will explain how to make your own BaaS more configurable and flexible.

  3. Frontend Builds 5 - Build as a Service (BaaS)

  4. Frontend Builds 4 - Building Cross Platform Mobile Apps

  5. Frontend Builds 3 - Cross Platform Desktop Builds

  6. Frontend Builds 2 - readable and pluggable Gulp files

    Learn how to build composible Gulpfiles in the second part of the series on frontend builds

  7. Frontend Builds 1 - Getting started

  8. Frontend build series introduction

    Kill all humans! No not really, this post is the introduction for the Frontend Build article series. It'll explain how to automate critical steps when building Frontend applications.