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Thorsten Hans

Stories about Azure, Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Computing

  1. Electron CrashReporter - stay up to date if your app fucked up!

    Learn how to deal with the unexpected. How can you deal with errors once you've shipped your Electron application. This post explains how to setup and use CrashPad on all platforms

  2. Integrating Angular and Electron using ngx-electron

    ngx-electron is here to help you! If you want to write a desktop application using Angular, GitHub's Electron is the tool of choice to bring Single Page Applications to the desktop. ngx-electron you'll be quicker and accessing Electron's APIs is even easier from within Angular.

  3. HTML5 notifications in electron apps with Angular

    Electron takes HTML5 notifications and bridges them to operating system notifications. So you'll learn how to create native HTML5 notifications within Angular.

  4. Using Augury inside of Electron Apps

    Augury by Rangle.IO is currently the best Chrome Extension for debugging Angular apps. Learn how to debug Angular apps inside of Electron using Augury.

  5. Angular and Electron - The definitive guide

    This article guides you through the process of creating an cross-platform desktop application using GitHub Electron and Angular as Single Page Application framework.

  6. NW.js and Electron compared

  7. Setting Electron App-Icons for Windows from macOS

    Every app has to have a nice looking app icon. A simple task may become complex, especially if you deal with multiple platforms. This article explains how to set app icons for Electron-based Windows apps from macOS.

  8. Building an electron app using Angular Beta0 in TypeScript

    Today In contrast to my older ES2015 example, this article demonstrates how to build an Electron application using Angular2 Beta0 and TypeScript.

  9. Angular goes cross platform with GitHub Electron

    This post introduces a small technical demo application which has been built using Angular, ES2015 and Electron. The entire build in this new sample has been created using Gulp.js

  10. Frontend Builds 3 - Cross Platform Desktop Builds

  11. When Electron's window.setTitle keeps you driving crazy

    When you start your Electron App, the title of the main window may flash. Read this article and learn how to prevent title flashing

  12. Packaging Electron apps as ASAR archive using Gulp.js

    Do you want to ship Electorn Apps to your customers? Then you should always package application insights as ASAR. Learn how to get that done with Gulp.js

  13. Writing an Electron app using Angular and ES6

    Learn how to create a cross-platform desktop application for Windows, Linux and macOS based on GitHub Electron, Angular.JS and JavaScript. In this tutorial, the JS code will be transpiled using Babel and dynamic module loading is implemented with SystemJS.