Thorsten Hans

Thorsten Hans

Stories about Azure, Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Computing

  1. Accessing an WebAPI using ADAL.JS and Azure AD within AngularJS

  2. grunt-nuget - Create NuGet packages on macOS and Linux

    Learn how to build NuGet packages on macOS and Linux systems.

  3. Use 'bower install' on Heroku

    Learn how to use bower on Heroku to manage your client-side dependencies.

  4. SharePoint.Jasmine — Test your JavaScript directly inside your App

    I've published a new NuGet package which makes testing SharePoint Apps painless.

  5. An Introduction to SASS

    You want to speed up your frontend development skills? Learn SASS and write stylesheets faster. This post will teach you the basics of SASS.

  6. An Introduction to CoffeeScript

    I am a CoffeeScript lover. It's so time-saving, powerful and efficient. If you want to build robust frontend stuff, you should also start with CoffeeScript. This article provides a bunch of basic stuff for new CoffeeScript devs.

  7. Write your own ShareCoffee AddOns using the yeoman generator

    You can write your own, custom Add-Ons for Yeoman using the brand new sharecoffee-addon generator. Get started with ShareCoffee Add-Ons now.

  8. CoffeeScript vs TypeScript vs JavaScript — my thoughts

    CoffeeScript, TypeScript or plain old JavaScript? I get that question many times from customers. Here are my thoughts...

  9. Creating an ExcelServices JavaScript UDF — A working Sample

    This article explains how you can create User Defined Functions (UDF) with JavaScript for Excel Services

  10. An Introduction to Pug (aka Jade)

    Learn how to use Jade (aka Pug) to write your frontend code instead of relying on plain old HTML. This article guides you through the basics of Pug.

  11. Yeoman the web development workflow

    Have you heard of Yeoman? This post explains how to get started with yeoman. No matter if you do frontend or backend development, Yeoman will assist you.

  12. From Zero to Hero — How we brand SharePoint using Yeoman

    Learn how we build SharePoint branding projects using latest frontend technologies such as Yeoman, CoffeeScript, Pug and SASS

  13. Maintaining Brownfield JS Apps? Check Js2Coffee