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Thorsten Hans

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  1. ShareCoffee 0.1.3

    Learn all the new features and APIs of ShareCoffee 0.1.3

  2. ShareCoffee 0.1.2

    See what's new in ShareCoffee 0.1.2

  3. ShareCoffee eBook

    After a long and intensive time, I''m really proud to announce my first eBook

  4. ShareCoffee with JsonLight support

    ShareCoffee receives support for JSONLight. Opt-in and make your Apps faster and more efficient

  5. Slides and Demos from my SPC14 talk on ShareCoffee

    Grab the demos and slides from my talk on ShareCoffee at SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas

  6. ShareCoffee 0.0.11

    Check out what is new in ShareCoffee 0.0.11

  7. The ShareCoffee logo

    Finally, ShareCoffee got its own logo. Ø3DÜ84

  8. ShareCoffee.UserProfiles is available

    A bunch of new features for ShareCoffee targeting user profiles. Check them out!

  9. Write your own ShareCoffee AddOns using the yeoman generator

    You can write your own, custom Add-Ons for Yeoman using the brand new sharecoffee-addon generator. Get started with ShareCoffee Add-Ons now.

  10. Query FormDigestValue from SharePoint using ShareCoffee

    Do you know ShareCoffee? It's an API abstraction for SharePoint APIs and it makes daily tasks - such as querying the FormDigestValue - really easy.

  11. ShareCoffee.Search is available

    ShareCoffee receives an Add-On. Now you can consume SharePoint's Search API directly from ShareCoffee and easily find things located in SharePoint or Office365.

  12. What's new in ShareCoffee 0.0.8

    See what is new in ShareCoffee 0.0.8

  13. Visualise your data with ShareCoffee and ChartJS

    Learn how to query data from SharePoint using ShareCoffee and visualize it with the open-source library Chart.js.

  14. Loading the App ChromeControl with ShareCoffee

    When building SharePoint Apps, you've to load the so-called App chrome. This post explains how to make this integration smoother with ShareCoffee

  15. ShareCoffee is available

    I'm proud to release the first version of ShareCoffee. A small but powerful library which unifies consumption of SharePoint's HTTP based APIs. In addition a bunch of helpers are included for the SharePoint App framework.