Thorsten Hans

Thorsten Hans

Stories about Azure, Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Computing

  1. Azure Cognitive Search integration for Static Site Generators

    Read how to build an integrated search experience for static websites using Azure Cognitive Search and a front-facing Azure Functions proxy

  2. Run containers in Azure Container Instances straight from Docker CLI

    Harden Docker images and eliminate vulnerabilities before pushing your images to a registry. Docker scan and Snyk bring professional scanning capabilities straight to your Docker CLI

  3. Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes: Digital Ocean Kubernetes in Azure

    Use Azure Arc to manage your Digital Ocean Kubernetes cluster in Microsoft Azure. Learn to connect, tag and query Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes.

  4. Azure CLI on the iPad - Azure CLI Tips & Tricks 3

    Azure CLI on the iPad. See what you can do with Cloud Shell and the offical Azure App for iPadOS

  5. Choose the best output format - Azure CLI Tips & Tricks 2

    In Azure CLI, you can choose from different output formats. This tip explains how to get results in a particular format and shows how to set your preferred format as default output format for all Azure CLI commands.

  6. AKS cluster auto-scaler inside out

    Learn how to build elastic AKS clusters using the cluster auto-scaler. Enable, configure, and optimize the auto-scaler in Azure Kubernetes Service to get an excellent scaling experience.

  7. Get samples with az find - Azure CLI Tips & Tricks 1

    Azure CLI Tips & Tricks 1 - Get contextual samples directly in the Azure CLI for every (sub-)command.

  8. ACR Unleashed – Use ACR As Registry For Helm Charts

    Use ACR as Helm chart registry. Push, pull and install Helm charts from Azure Container Registry. Learn what OCI means and why you should start using Helm 3 now

  9. ACR Unleashed – Image Scanning With Azure Security Center

    Integrate ACR with Azure Security Center. Find vulnerabilities in Docker Images. Scan every Docker Image and get reports in Azure Security Center

  10. 3 Ways to integrate ACR with AKS

    Learn 3 different ways how to integrate Azure Container Registry (ACR) with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) to pull Docker images from your protected Docker Registry.

  11. ACR Unleashed – Tasks

    Leverage ACR tasks to create Docker Image automatically. Start small with Quick Tasks, grow by adding different Triggers and master Multi-Step Tasks by example

  12. European Azure Conference 2020

    Announcing European Azure Conference 2020 (#EAC20) in Nice from June 2nd till June 4th

  13. API Summit - IaC for everyone with Terraform

    Slidedeck and Demos from my IaC for everyone with Terraform talk at API Summit 2019 in Berlin.

  14. ACR Unleashed – Webhooks

    Connect any external service to Azure Container Registry using ACR webhooks. Learn which ACR webhooks exist and how to use them

  15. ESPC 2019 - Code your Azure with Terraform

    Slidedeck and Demos from my Code your Azure Deployments using HashiCorp Terraform talk at European SharePoint and Azure Conference 2019 in Prague.

  16. ACR Unleashed – Integrate ACR And Azure Monitor

    Get ACR metricts with Azure Monitor. Configure individual alrets and notifications. Integrate ACR and Azure Monitor with Log Analytics Workspaces now. Start now and get deep insights

  17. ACR Unleashed – Authentication, Identity Access Management And Content-Trust

    Deep Dive Authentication and Authorization for Azure Container Registry. Guide to understand and lockdown your ACR instances.

  18. ACR Unleashed – ACR Up And Running with Geo Replication

    Setup Azure Container Registry according to best practices. Configure ACR geo replication for high availability. The 1st of a 7 part series about ACR

  19. Custom domains in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with NGINX Ingress and Azure CLI

    See how to link a custom domain to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with Azure CLI and NGINX Ingress

  20. Terraform - The Definitive Guide for Azure Enthusiasts

    Learn core concepts of Terraform. Automate your Microsoft Azure environments to ramp-up Infrastructure as Code. Dive into HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL). Start terraforming your cloud, now.

  21. Azure Key Vault FlexVolume for Kubernetes  —  A journey to integrate Azure Key Vault and AKS

    Integrate Azure Key Vault and Azure Kubernetes services without leaking sensitive configuration data such as Service Principal credentials by using Azure AD Pod Identity and Azure Key Vault FlexVolume for Kubernetes

  22. AzureAD Pod Identity in AKS: A journey to integrate Azure Key Vault

    With Azure AD Pod Identity you can finally run any pod in an Azure Kubernetes Service in the context of an external, loosely coupled Azure Identity. This builds the foundation for a seamless integration of Azure Key Vault and AKS

  23. Inspect your Kubernetes inventory in no time with ASP.NET Core and Kubernetes Client Library

    Learn how to use the C# Kubernetes Client library to query Kubernetes inventory and expose it via HTTP using a simple ASP.NET Core WebAPI which will be directly deployed to an AKS cluster as Deployment.

  24. Upgrading a Kubernetes cluster on AKS using Azure CLI

    The AKS team offers a great set of commands to make administrative operations for Kubernetes clusters very easy. This article demonstrates how to upgrade a AKS cluster.

  25. CronJobs on AKS using Azure Files and .NET Core

    CronJobs build an essential part of many applications. Often, you've to persist some kind of data from application artifacts like CronJobs. This article demonstrates how to build such a CronJob with Azure Files and run it on a Kubernetes cluster.