Thorsten Hans

Thorsten Hans

Stories about Azure, Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Computing

  1. Autocompletion for kubectl and aliases using oh-my-zsh

    Learn how to boost your productivity by defining aliases and enable auto completion for kubectl

  2. Make writing technical content great again!

    How do you write your technical articles? A question I was often asked. This article is a quick overview of my writing workflow and the tools that I use to produce my articles

  3. Treat your iTerm2 like Guake

    Learn how to configure iTerm2 to work like Guake, the popular Linux terminal. Boost your productivity and access iTerm2 quickly from everywhere.

  4. Chromebook review / Chrome App Model

    I bought a Chromebook because I want to dig a bit deeper into the Chrome App Model from a developers perspective. Check out what happened...

  5. Setting up iTerm2 with OH-MY-ZSH and Powerline on OSX

  6. Managing Node.js and io.js with NVM

    Are you using Node.js or io.js? If so, you should know NVM, the Node Version Manager. This article explains how to get started with NVM and how to use it on a daily basis.

  7. Developer presentations using reveal.js

    Are you speaking at user groups or conferences? As a developer we would love to code our presentations. With reveal.js you can finally do it. Read this article and get started with Presentations as Code (PaC)

  8. Easy switching between yammer accounts

    Are you using multiple Yammer networks, in this post I'll explain how to switch easily between those.

  9. Dell Venue 8 Pro Review

    I bought a Dell Venue 8 Pro and here are my first experiences.

  10. Surface 1 Pro — A development machine

    Can you use a Surface 1 Pro as a development machine? I'm using the Surface 1 Pro for quite some time now. Read my recap.

  11. Visual Studio 2013 for SharePoint Development — My experience from the Preview Phase

    I spent much time using the Visual Studio 2013 preview.Today I want to share my experiences from the preview-phase.

  12. Repair OneNote sync on iOS7

    I'm a OneNote Junkie. However, my instance of OneNote was recently broken after updating to iOS7. Learn how to repair it.

  13. Productivity boost with SublimeText Plugins

    Sublime Text is a mighty editor with a great plugin ecosystem. In this article, I'll share my minimal, fast and yet powerful Sublime text plugin combination.

  14. Maintaining Brownfield JS Apps? Check Js2Coffee

  15. 10 Days using Surface Pro — A developers review

    I bought a Surface Pro and I'm using it as my main device to do software development. Read my recap and get all the pros and cons