Thorsten Hans

Thorsten Hans

Stories about Azure, Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Computing

  1. Determine the size of Docker image layers

    Check how big the layers of any Docker image actually are. Great for investigating, refactoring, and troubleshooting

  2. How to build smaller and secure Docker Images for .NET

    This article explains how to harden Docker images to remove known vulnerabilities and reduces the final size of Docker images. Start here to make your Docker images secure and small.

  3. Run containers in Azure Container Instances straight from Docker CLI

    Harden Docker images and eliminate vulnerabilities before pushing your images to a registry. Docker scan and Snyk bring professional scanning capabilities straight to your Docker CLI

  4. Scan Docker images for vulnerabilities with Docker CLI and Snyk

    Harden Docker images and eliminate vulnerabilities before pushing your images to a registry. Docker scan and Snyk bring professional scanning capabilities straight to your Docker CLI

  5. Container Metrics With CTOP

    Get Docker container metrics with ctop. Get direct access to log streams and fundamental container interactions. Get super efficient using ctop and its keybindings

  6. Docker Container CPU Limits Explained

    Limit CPU capacity per Docker container. Assign containers to dedicated CPUs. Balance available CPU capacity by priority to Docker containers. Control the Docker container CPU limits now.

  7. Docker Container Memory Limits Explained

    Specifying Docker container memory limits is essential to keep your local machine fast and healthy. This post shows how to set memory and swap limits for Docker Containers.

  8. How To Run Commands In Stopped Docker Containers

    Executing a command in a running Docker container is a common task. But what about executing commands in a stopped container? Learn how to promote your stopped container as a temporary image to run the desired command.

  9. ACR Unleashed – Use ACR As Registry For Helm Charts

    Use ACR as Helm chart registry. Push, pull and install Helm charts from Azure Container Registry. Learn what OCI means and why you should start using Helm 3 now

  10. ACR Unleashed – Image Scanning With Azure Security Center

    Integrate ACR with Azure Security Center. Find vulnerabilities in Docker Images. Scan every Docker Image and get reports in Azure Security Center

  11. ACR Unleashed – Tasks

    Leverage ACR tasks to create Docker Image automatically. Start small with Quick Tasks, grow by adding different Triggers and master Multi-Step Tasks by example

  12. ACR Unleashed – Webhooks

    Connect any external service to Azure Container Registry using ACR webhooks. Learn which ACR webhooks exist and how to use them

  13. Docker on Windows - Fix Time Synchronization Issue

    Are your Docker containers on Windows behind a couple of hours or even days? Are they displaying or working with a wrong time/date? Read why this happens and how to fix it.

  14. ACR Unleashed – Integrate ACR And Azure Monitor

    Get ACR metricts with Azure Monitor. Configure individual alrets and notifications. Integrate ACR and Azure Monitor with Log Analytics Workspaces now. Start now and get deep insights

  15. ACR Unleashed – Authentication, Identity Access Management And Content-Trust

    Deep Dive Authentication and Authorization for Azure Container Registry. Guide to understand and lockdown your ACR instances.

  16. ACR Unleashed – ACR Up And Running with Geo Replication

    Setup Azure Container Registry according to best practices. Configure ACR geo replication for high availability. The 1st of a 7 part series about ACR

  17. Integrating Azure Key Vault with Azure Container Services

    Learn how to integrate Azure Key Vault and Azure Container Services. This article guides you through everything you need, in order to query Key Vault from an ASP.NET Core App running in a Pod on Kubernetes

  18. Deploy Azure Functions to Kubernetes and scale them automatically

    Learn how to take the official Azure Functions runtime and deploy it as Docker container to a Kubernetes cluster and by adding horizontal pod autoscaling (HPA) you can handle almost any load automatically.

  19. Using Azure Files in Kubernetes Deployments with ASP.NET Core

    Learn how to use Azure Files in Kubernetes Deployments from an ASP.NET Core Application

  20. How to use a private Azure Container Registry with Kubernetes

    Pulling docker images from private registries is an essential, basic task that you need to do almost every day. This article guides you through the process of integrating Azure Container Registry and Azure Kubernetes Services.