Thorsten Hans

Thorsten Hans

Stories about Azure, Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Computing

  1. Slides and Samples from CodeCamp NYC

    Reacp of my talk at CodeCamp in New York City

  2. Our SharePoint Power Hour from TechEd North America

    Recap from my talk at TechEd North America with Jeremy Thake

  3. Slides and Demos from my SPC14 talk on ShareCoffee

    Grab the demos and slides from my talk on ShareCoffee at SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas

  4. ShareCamp 2014 in Munich

    I'm thrilled to announce that we're organizing our 5th ShareCamp in Munich. Again we'll take over Microsoft's Germany HQ and share knowledge about SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure.

  5. SPC417 Session Trailer

    SharePoint Conference Speakers were asked to create a small session trailer. I took that chance to create a trailer for my Session on ShareCoffee. Watch it NOW!

  6. Speaking at SharePoint Conference 2014 in Vegas

    I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be speaking at SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas

  7. Top 14 SPC14 Sessions announced

    Microsoft announced the TOP 14 Sessions for SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. Here are my thoughts on the picks.

  8. ShareCamp 2013 in Vienna

    A quick recap of ShareCamp 2013 in Vienna

  9. Developer Week 2013 — Quick recap

    I delivered two talks at Developer Week 2013 - here a quick recap

  10. DotNetDay Franken — Review and Slides

    Quick recap from .NET Day Franken

  11. ShareCamp 2013 Vienna — We're doing it again

    I'm thrilled to announce another ShareCamp. This time we'll visit Microsoft HQ in Austria. See all information about the event in this post.

  12. ShareCamp 2013 recap

    Read the Recap of ShareCamp 2013

  13. Windows Azure Global Bootcamp

    Local Events on Azure around the entire globe. Join the Windows Azure Global Bootcamp.